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Stunt Bike Coaster

Platform: Linux
Year: 2004
Status: Prototype
Languages/API's: C++, OpenGL, SDL

As the name may suggest, Stunt Biker Coaster was to be a game in which motorcycles would race around a wide rollercoaster-like track, performing stunts such as jumps and loops.

The game was primarily inspired by the Amiga 500 game Stunt Car Racer, but also borrowed some inspiration from games such as Wipeout and F-Zero with regards to faster and more arcade-like gameplay.

The Stunt Bike Coaster project functioned primarily as an exercise in the construction, rendering and use of 3D bezier curves using C++ and OpenGL on the Linux platform, as well as an experience in the development of game editing tools. The project consists of a simple track editing tool, as well as a simple mode to "ride" tracks from a first-person viewpoint roller coaster style, but without any speed variation.

The project was discontinued early as I deemed it too ambitious with regards to my personal skills at the time, particularly for the creation of necessary assets (e.g. bike models, scenery, etc.).

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