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Music Tracks

This page contains original compositions and remixes that I've created. I'm not a professional musician, nor do I have any formal education or training in music or music technology beyond secondary school; I practice music technology purely as an amaetuer hobbyist. Most of these tracks were experimentations in the creation of music for videogames using the Rose Garden MIDI sequencing application on Linux.

Spindizzy BGM 01 (2010)

This piece is intended for use in conjunction with Spindizzy Dimensions. Since Spindizzy is an open-world game without specific sections that call for different background music, the intention is to eventually create several BGM tracks that repeat on a loop, so as not to have a single track playing over the entire course of the game, which may become annoying.

So far however, only this track has been created. This version is recorded straight from the original MIDI file. However, the final version should be tweaked and enhanced using a wave editor such as Audacity. Overall, I'm fairly pleased with the result so far.

The piece can also be heard within the gameplay video of Spindizzy Dimensions on Youtube.

Alone (~1999)

This was a concept piece based on the idea of a scene from an adventure game or visual novel in which the player or protagonist character is at home during a drab evening. It is intended to convey sadness and despair, but with a hint of hope. The track was created for use in a proposed free visual-novel adventure game named Arrevaina that was to be developed by an online group of volunteer developers and artists in which I was a member. Sadly however, the team disbanded before any real work began on the Arrevaina project.

Cursed Temple (~1999)

Another concept piece that was composed for the cancelled Arrevania project. This piece was intended for use during a significant event set within a temple or other place of holy magic. I was trying to create something a little less conventional, and whilst I liked the concept, the execution could have used more work.

Penetrator (Red Alert Remix) (~2007)

Inspired by free Commodore 64 remix tracks found at the KWED website, this piece is a combined remake of the "Alien" theme and "Victory" theme from the Commodore 64 game Penetrator. This track was also my first experiment in the use of Audicity wave editing software for Linux to enable the production and enhancement of some the effects used in the track. Overall, it's not what I'd hoped for, as it still sounds somewhat flat and too heavy, but it was fun to try anyway. The introduction and the victory section at the end are probably the best parts.

Slide Puzzle Panic BGM 01 (~2000)

This piece was created as an idea for the background music to Slide Puzzle Panic. The piece was intended to inspire feelings of joy in the player, as well as emphasising the fast-paced nature of an arcade game. In retrospect, the piece sounds somewhat too bright and bold and would probably more likely to be annoying due to repetition.

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