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Other Projects and Work

This page lists other projects and work that I've created or been involved with. Many of these projects were created for my personal use and have not been developed to the standard expected from a release package, therefore only details of the projects are provided. Please contact me if you're interested in obtaining the source code to any of these projects.

WARNING: Downloads provided on this page are to be used solely at your own risk. These programs have been tested only within the personal constraints of my own system and are NOT tested for general consumer purposes. Some involve manipulation of files on the local filesystem. Please use caution and consider these examples for educational use only.

Media Filename Manager (2012, Linux, C++)

This program was created for the one-time task of renaming films and TV shows for compliance with the naming conventions of the XBMC Media Center software, which I use on my Acer Aspire Revo connected to my TV. The program was not an automatic solution, nor was it perfect, but it saved many hours compared to attempting the renaming entirely by hand.

Brentnall's Backup Utility (2010, Java, Swing)

This very simple GUI-based backup application allows the user to specify a list of source and target locations. When the synchronisation process is executed, the application shows a list of files that have been created, modified and deleted for each source compared to the corresponding target. Once the user confirms this list, the target is synchronised with the files of the source.

Automated Playlist Maintainer (2008, Linux, C++)

This program is a unique UNIX-filesystem specific solution to the problem of references becoming broken in M3U files due to the renaming and moving of files on the filesystem.

The program is scheduled to run once every 24 hours via cron. It takes advantage of so-called "hard links" of the Linux filesystem to maintain it's own version of any specified M3U playlists in filesystem form. On subsequent execution, the program checks the existence of each M3U playlist reference. If a file is missing, the program checks the inode number of its own version and searches the filesystem for a file with a matching inode number, which is the new location of the missing file. The M3U playlist is then rewritten to reflect the new locations of any renamed or moved MP3's.

Dynamic Alarm Clock Application (2004, Linux, C, Festival)

The alarm clock uses weather data to determine the time between a specified range to go off (e.g. nice weather makes the alarm go off earlier). The alarm itself uses Festival voice synthesiser to speak various information including weather, news headlines and Gentoo software updates. The alarm then continues to play randomly selected music from a folder for a specific duration in minutes.

Sudoku Puzzle Solver (2007, C++)

This program was written in less than three hours and is able to solve the vast majority of Sudoku puzzles. It is a command-line only application that requires the user to write his Sudoku puzzle into a specificly formatted text file.

Countdown Numbers Game Solver (2009, C++)

This program was written to solve the Numbers game of the British TV show Countdown, via recursive brute-force methods. The application will select the first solution found, which is often a much more elaborate and complex solution than one that may be found by a human player. If no solution is found, the program will give the solution that reaches the closest value to the target instead. The program will also provide a more readable step-by-step instructions for the solution as a contestant might read out on the TV show.

Unreal Maps using UnrealEd (1998)

I have some basic experience in the use of UnrealEd to construct maps for the original Unreal and Unreal Tournament. I have created several deathmatch maps, which can be found online. However, since I no longer have either the game or a copy of Windows to run it on, I have no way to show screenshots or video demonstrations of them. From what I can remember, the maps are fairly basic and were created as exercises in learning to use UnrealEd..

QA Contribution to Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz (2012)

I have made voluntary contributions to the QA process of the free-to-play PlayStation Vita game Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz, for which I have recieved Special Thanks in the in-game credits screen, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

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