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Land Transport Simulator

Platforms: Windows
Year: 2001
Status: Prototype, Complete
Languages/API's: DarkBASIC

This project was developed as an entry into the 2001 International Space Olympics competition held in Korolev City Moscow, Russia, which required the demonstration of a research project in the field of space and space exploration.

The Land Transport Simulator was intended to demonstrate how software could be used to test the feasibility of different vehicle types within different gravitational and environment conditions. However, the simulation is a prototype of the concept and is not an completely accurate physics simulation.

The application features three different environment types, each with it's own distinctive appearance. An algorithm was written for generating random terrain within specific paramaters. There are also three different vehicles types, including wheeled vehicles and a quadrupedal type walking vehicle. The vehicles will move automatically, whilst the user can select between different views, including isometric, overhead and a side view.

The Land Transport Simulator was developed within several weeks using the DarkBASIC programming language on Windows.

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