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Iso Realms Game Engine

Platforms: Linux (now), Windows and Mac (later)
Year: 2009-current
Status: In Development (pre-alpha)
Languages: C++, Lua, XML
API's: OpenGL, SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image, FreeType, Apache Xerces C, Luabind


Iso Realms is a high performance and flexible open source and cross-platform 3D game engine, including a WYSIWYG 3D graphical integrated development environment.

Iso Realms is hosted at SourceForge.net in combination with the first Iso Realms engine game, Spindizzy Dimensions.

Spindizzy Dimensions also has its own project page, which can be found here.

Project Objectives

- To enourage gamers and users of all technical skill levels to become involved in the creative endeavour of game development and modification.
- To provide a base on which to develop my own personal game projects.
- To promote and support uptake of gaming on a wider variety of PC platforms, especially Linux.

Iso Realms Development Environment

Iso Realms features a WYSIWIG development environment; a fully integrated application for the modification and creation of Iso Realms project content with an "all-in-one" philosiphy inspired by game creation tools of the 80's and 90's, such as 3D Construction Kit and Shoot-em-up Construction Kit.

The editor can easily be invoked from the main menu of any Iso Realms engine game, allowing any player to easily and immediately try their hand at world building without requiring any extensive technical knowledge about Iso Realms, game engine design or programming.

Multiple editing modes are provided for users of varying skill levels, from the basic "World Builder" mode, up to the full Iso Realms development environment that allows the definition of custom Lua scripts, loading of new modules and modification of game resources and behaviour.

Engine Features

- High performance multithreaded C++ open-world game engine
- OpenGL hardware accelerated 3D graphics
- Integrated Lua scripting support for highly customisable event functionality
- Unified XML project format for the definition of both game projects and engine modules (game menus, editing tools, etc.)
- Modular C++ architecture allows engine extension with new functionality and features
- Includes general purpose OpenGL-based GUI toolkit (windows, menus, tables, icons, tabs, scrollbars, buttons, etc.)
- XML based GUI dialog definition format allows easy creation of new dialogs and editing tools.
- Integrated physics, collision detection, surface occlusion calculation and volume subtraction
- Media importation in a wide variety of formats (images, audio, fonts, etc.)
- HUD layout configuration

Development Environment Features

- WYSIWYG-based world editing interface.
- Easy and unobtrusive access to resources (images, models, game objects, etc.)
- Addition, modification and deletion of any resource type
- Attractive and simple gamer-oriented user interface style
- Multiple editing modes for different skill levels and project scopes
- "World Builder" mode allows modification of existing Iso Realms project worlds (beginner users), whilst hiding advanced features
- Ability to use any Iso Realms project as a starting template in "World Builder" mode (functionally equilavent to a level editor)
- "Full Editor" mode allows the definition of an Iso Realms project from scratch (advanced users)
- Will feature an integrated Lua script editor for defining event behaviour

Further Iso Realms Information

- Iso Realms project at SourceForge.net
- Iso Realms Version 2.0 Features Brainstorm
- Spindizzy Random Map Generator (Project Proposal)
- Spindizzy Enhancements (Project Proposal)

Video Demonstrations and Screenshots

On the righthand side of this page, you can view various video demonstrations and screenshots of the Iso Realms Development Environment. These videos and screenshots are demonstrated in conjunction with the first application of the Iso Realms engine, Spindizzy Dimensions.

Further videos and screenshots in relation to Spindizzy Dimensions gameplay using the Iso Realms runtime engine can be viewed at the Spindizzy Dimensions project page.

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