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Blood Maps (7/8) - Survivor

Survivor is one of the most technically advanced and creative Blood maps I have ever created, consisting of many unique and original elements. Survivor is based around the use of creative traps in which your opponent must survive a challenge as you watch or control the action remotely, in addition to the standard FPS gameplay. The map features upper/lower stacks to create seamless non standard map geometry layouts, as well as creative traps that involve both the victim and the capturer.

Such traps include an arena in which the victim must survive against waves of enemies and explosives that are controlled by the capturer, another trap in which the victim must evade a mechanically crushing ceiling whose horizontal movement is fully controlled in one-to-one manner by the movement of the capturer (a Build engine first as far as I am aware). Yet another trap places the victim in a circular corridor to be chased by a horrific fast-moving giant slug with sharp biting teeth - a non-standard indestructable "enemy" that is actually constructed in 3D from sectors and clever dynamics and effects rather than sprites.

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