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Blood Maps (1/8) - The Amazing Labyrinth

Inspired by the board game of the same name, this multiplayer map is set in maze constructed of 26 tiles arranged in a five-by-five grid, plus one additional "movement" tile. Whilst nine of these tiles are fixed, the remaining 17 tiles will automatically rearrange themselves during gameplay in order to produce a map layout that appears to never remain the same.

The Amazing Labyrinth was implemented via the use of path sectors, an undocumented - and as far as I can tell, never utilised - feature of Blood's Build engine. The map contains of a single sequence 272 path markers that takes approximately 10 minutes to execute. All tiles follow the same sequence, but start at different positions in the sequence. An illusion is created by the sequence that tiles are being "pushed" into the grid from one side of the maze, causing the tile at the opposite side of the grid to eject, thus becoming the new "movement" tile. This effect is best observed from the 2D overhead map.

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