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Blood Maps (Build Engine)

The map projects on this page were created using the Mapedit tool included with the retail version of the 1997 PC game Blood. They are compatible only with the full retail game including the Cryptic Passage and Plasma Pack expansions.

These map projects demonstrate creative variations to the standard method of gameplay in the multiplayer deathmatch FPS genre, as well as the use of technical engine capabilities that have rarely (or perhaps never) been exploited by retail games based on the Build Engine games, nor other user-created maps of which I'm aware.

All maps listed on this page, plus many more, can be downloaded here.

Note that this collection contains maps created by both myself and my brother. Map filenames beginning with the letter 'm' are mine, whilst map filenames beginning with the letter 'j' were created by my brother.

Notable Maps

The following is a list of maps that I believe are notable for particular technical accomplishments, innovative gameplay concepts and other unique features. All of these maps are included with the downloadable package above. Clicking on a map name will give more information about it. Alternatively, you can also click on the map screenshots on the righthand side of this page.

The Amazing Labyrinth

Unique self-rearranging maze designed around the exploitation of path sectors, inspired by the board game of the same name.

Iceberg Of Destruction

Scripted grudual environmental destruction of the vast majority of the gameplay area.

Helix Tower

Multi-floor tower in the middle of a city, utilising multiple sector overlaps and upper/lower stacks.

Dueling Platforms

Non-conventional two-player gameplay mechanic in which players must destroy the platform on which their opponent stands.

Fragile Caves

Pseudo-dynamic player destructable environment, set atop and within the caves of a steep mountain.

Ancient Library

Multi-floor environment using sprites and intelligent sector layout (no upper/lower stacks).


A showcase of several Build technical innovations and gameplay ideas that add a twist to the typical Deathmatch gameplay style.

Castle Storm

Atmospheric weather effects in a castle; rain, thunder and lightning, which casts shadows in the large hallway.

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